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Small Changes Challenge - 20/50; 21/50; 22/50

GASP!!! Bet you were surprised to see Small Changes in the title, huh? 

If it seems to you like I fell off my little Small Changes bandwagon, well, I guess I'd have to say you were right on the mark! After my leg got hurt, I had my little family time hiatus of sorts... and blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses, excuses....

My plan, of course, had been to retry the walk everyday thing from SC Challenge 19 for SC week 20, then for SC week 21, I had thought I would recap the last 10 challenges and retry any that hadn't stuck (like I did after the first 10 weeks). Neither happened. Neither even started to happen - I was too busy having fun ;-)

But this week, this week I promised I would get thing back to normal, and in a small way I did. But it IS a Small Changes Challenge, right?  So, it counts.....

Here, I must warn you - you may be grossed out by what I am about to tell you - I am! :-S...

My feet are ROUGH and dry and cracked (so at least you now know the being cracked is not just a brain affliction in my case..), and I can never seem to get rid of it. This is likely because I can not stand to wear socks anytime, anywhere, especially NOT in bed with tons of foot cream on my heels! I am either wearing heels or running around barefoot, and I don't think either is doing the soles of my feet any good. So, a week or so ago, I went for a pedi - gotta get those tootsies in shape for the summer after all! - and I was all happy with my amazingly soft feet, not to mention my pretty Caribbean toes ;-)

By last weekend however, the cracks were beginning to re-appear, and my heels were getting their 90-degree angle, hard edge back again..... I should use a foot file on them everyday in the shower, I thought...

So, did I start doing that right away Sunday morning? Nada (challenges don't start till Mondays anyways, right? Right. ). Oh, so did I do it Monday? Ummmmm...... no. BUT, did I file my feet Tuesday?.... Yes! And every day since! And - BONUS - since my feet were not too far gone from the pedi, they are already back to being oh-so-soft. I am quite pleased with myself. Small Changes Challenge # 22 = 4/5.

Now if I can just keep on top of the polish, my feet should have a fantastic summer ;-)

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