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Recall - Maclaren Strollers

This is a re-announcement of a 2009 recall issued recently by Health Canada. If you have an older stroller, be sure to check :-)

Recall notice is from HSW:

Event Hightlights
Health Canada reports of a recall involving single and double umbrella strollers by Maclaren. If the stroller is not fully opened or closed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the hinge mechanism can pose a risk of fingertip amputation and laceration to the child. This is a re-announcement of a November 2009 Recall.

See HSW Product Details tab for specifics on the affected items.

Maclaren USA Inc. has received an additional 37 reported injuries in the United States since the 2009 recall. A total of 149 reported incidents with the strollers, including five additional fingertip amputations, 16 additional lacerations and 16 additional fingertip entrapments/bruising incidents. At the time of the original recall, there were 15 incidents, including 12 reports of fingertip amputations in the United States.

In Canada, recalled strollers were sold at The Bay, Toys R Us (Babies R Us), Gap Canada Stores, and other retailers from 2004 to November 2009.

Corrective Action:Consumers should use caution when opening or closing the stroller and ensure that children are at a safe distance when doing so. Consumers are instructed to contact American Baby Products, Inc. (formerly Maclaren USA) to receive a free repair kit.

Consumers are instructed to call American Baby Products, Inc. (formerly Maclaren USA) at 1-877-688-2326.

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