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Simple Things

Ever have one of those unexpected moments?

I'm sure you have - we all make an on-the-fly decision now and then that results in a look of pure joy on our children's faces, or we catch them in a moment of bliss, curiosity or tenderness.... Well, I am here, in a childless house today, thinking back on the summer that was, and here are just a few of the memories I'll treasure:

  • The delight in my boys' faces, and in their friend's face, when I joined them on the verandah to "play" Pokemon cards. These trading cards have become the rage on our street this summer, and the three of them were so excited to show me their favorite cards and the trades they had made that day!
  • An unplanned trip to Bowering Park early in the summer when the boys discovered the Splash Pad for the first time. No one had swimming gear/trunks but we didn't let that stop us - we left wet and happy, and out of breath!
  • A trip to MUN Botanical Gardens - Toad was telling us all about the field trip he'd had there with his class last year and was so intent on looking for "his" butterfly! And Mario reading the signs, and chasing after an animal he'd seen in the wildlife garden to find out what it was.
  • Seeing Toad swinging in the rain - he loves, loves, LOVEs the swing set!
  • Me heading to the front door to call Mario in one rainy day when his brother had come back in and informed me that no one was home to play with. I was going to call him in for hot chocolate, but I waited for him to come in one his own after I looked out to see him standing in the rain, head tilted straight up, lapping up the rain. 
  • The long hug I witnessed the boys exchange as I was getting ready to take Toad to the hospital - he had had a fall and I was taking him to the Janeway to get checked out. Looking back on it brings a smile to my face (especially since everything was fine): to see my two boys who adore and love each other so much. See - even in something bad, there is a speck of good!

Life is a series of moments, and these were a few recent ones of mine ;-)

Happy Friday!!!!!!

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