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First Day of School

So, we did our dry run yesterday - perfect. Got showers early last night. Packed book-bags. Labelled. Labelled. Labelled. Made lunches. Picked out clothes for this AM. Charged camera, etc.

But, you know what they say about best laid plans....

Well, actually, I can't recall either...but there was something they said about them! And I am sure it would be appropriate as:

DH neglected to mention he would need to be to work by 8AM. That is, he neglected to mention this until bedtime last night, when his response to my surprise was: we'll figure something out.

Apparently this meant - unbeknownst to me - that he would get us all up at 6:15.

Exactly - 6:15 on the first day of school!

What?? Is he cracked??

I think so....

Furthermore, I am a trusting soul, it didn't occur to me, when he called me and the boys this AM, that it was not 6:50. I obediently got out of bed, called the kids, told them to hurry up, brushed my teeth and stumbled downstairs to see it was 6:21 on the clock on the stove...


Do you know what time it is?? Do you know what time you woke us up??

Yes, he says...


Now, despite this change of plans, I do have to say, everything went off this AM without a hitch. The boys are all settled in to their classes with many familiar faces, and a few new ones, surrounding them. I do not know either teacher, however, my first impressions are good. Mario was concerned last night, but we saw his buddy and classmate since grade one at the classroom door - sick! - and so some stress have been alleviated already. He even indulged me with a high-five as I headed out the door - more than Toad granted me, I'd had to be content with a wave from him... come to think of it, I waved, I don't think he waved back! 

The house seems empty now.... the most wonderful time of the year - I think not!

I'll tell you who does think so though - the cat. The house is child-free and she is LOVIN' it ;-)

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  1. Haha. My cat and dog are sleeping away, trying to take advantage of the quiet while they can I guess. Good to hear the first day went off reasonably well, despite the early start. Here's wishing the whole family a great school year.