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Avast, me hearties!

While I was online yesterday, I discovered that today (Sept 19th) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And I couldn't help but think, Gosh, is there any easier way to be foolish with your kids than to talk like a pirate?

.... Maybe you can think of something, but I can't! So here goes, my plan for the day:

When the kids get home from school, I'll ask "Do ye got any loot fer me today".... and whether they do or don't, I'll reply "Aye". That will be their introduction to it :-) Then I'll tell them the pirate alphabet sketch from SNLA, B, C, ....P, Q,  ARRRRRR, S..., and a few other pirate jokes I found online (here). I will be peppering my speech with Ahoy, Matey, Me (as in "me loot", "me hearties", "me grub") and Shiver me timbers ... I know they will think I'm cracked, but it will be SO much fun!

....And now you think I enjoy this foolishness just as much, or more, than the kids do ...

....yes, yes,... aye, aye,  I do. 

Enjoy yer day, me buckos!

For more pirate speak and activities, visit or and there is an English to Pirate translator online here


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