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What To Do This Weekend

EDIT: Toopy and Binoo on Saturday, Sept. 17th is at MILE ONE (not the original location - thanks!
What beautiful Fall weather we are having these past few days - 'tis a shame to stay inside! Hopefully, it will keep up - however, there has been a wind warning issued for the Avalon (see the City's announcement here for details: Weather Warning Issued for Tropical Storm Maria) - so best bring in your blow-away-ables just to be safe ;-)

I really, really hope the weather does hold or improves by tomorrow evening: this is the last Friday for the Ghosts of Signal Hill. I've somehow missed this one thus far - but I LOVED the old Haunted Hike and would really like to take this one in!

The weather, thankfully, is supposed to improve for the remainder of the weekend. And good thing too as there are a ton of other things to do outside this fin-de-semaine:
  • For starters, Thomas Amusements is back in town, at Zellars on Stavanger. I know - you're thrilled - but we all know how much the kids love it, right? Or....
  • You could encourage the kids to go to the MUN Botanical Garden with you - their Family Fun programs have started up again for the season, and if there is one thing my kids like more than rides, it is getting to feed, play with or see animals ;-) 
  • Many organisations are having Fall Fairs or Family Fun Days (see calendar for a few) - one in particular to check out id the Beagle Paws Dog Walk and Family Fun Day, being held at Bowring Park (West Entrance) on Sunday afternoon. Pups welcome!
As for indoor events, ARTFUSION continues with Theatre Games on Friday (4PM) and a Crafternoon on Saturday from 1-3 at Mt. Pearl City Hall. Also, on Saturday afternoon, Little Gym is having an Open House - head over for some fun and to check out the facility if you think you'd like to enroll your kids there this year.
Oh! I don't want you to forget, if you have tickets: Toopy and Binoo is now at MILE ONE (not the original location - thanks!

Have a great weekend!

For details on events in & around town, check my events calendar regularly - it is on the bottom of EVERY page :-) The Tely Go Guide published in Arts & Life section every Thursday is also a good source. 

If you have something to add to the Calendar, please let me know! Complete details can be found here and I welcome being added to any "Events Distribution list" your facility might have :-)


  1. Toopy and Binoo was supposed to be at Holy Heart but was moved to Mile One (not Arts and Culture). Anyone who purchased tickets for Holy Heart can exchange tickets at the Mile One box office.

  2. Good catch! I will have to hire you as a fact-checker! I have it updated now.... thanks again!!

  3. LOL! No worries! I'm definitely not a fact checker...we are going and I have heard so many people say that they didn't even know it has been's just fresh info with me! :-)