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What To Do This Weekend - Celebrate the World Wide Day of Play

The sun is shinin', in this windy city....

Is that the way the song goes? I can never remember ;-) I was singing along to myself though.... because we are going to have a beautiful weekend! 

Oops - I probably should not have written that down. I hope I didn't just jinx it!! 

This Saturday, September 24th, is the World Wide Day of Play! Wooot!! So, if you are looking for an excuse to get down & dirty with the kids, this is it ;-) Here are some ideas to get your day started:
  • Have a stuffie or doll tea/birthday party for breakfast. Your kids will be so thrilled you "remembered" it was Baxter's big day!
  • Head to Topsail Beach or Middle Cove Beach, armed with some acrylic paints. Paint yourselves some beach rock pets.
  • Break out the sidewalk chalk and invite the neighbourhood kids to decorate your oh-so-boring-plain-black driveway with you.
  • Stage an Olympic Event in your back yard!
  • Find an uncharted path and head into the unknown on a scavenger hunt for animals, trees and plants.
  • Head to the courts in your neighbourhood playground for a game of basketball or tennis with the peeps.
  • You + Hubby + kids + soccer ball = need I say more?
  • Play spotlight (after dark of course!)
  • Play "What time is it Mr Wolf?" - you remember that game, right? 
  • Head over to Bowring Park or Bannerman Park for some fun and a picnic. 
  • Chill out over a family board game - popcorn and hot chocolate make it extra special :-)
  • Break out all your crafty goodies. Make monsters. Or, Halloween decorations :-) Or Christmas goodies - it is only 93 days away, you know!
  • Visit the Pathways' Family Fun Day - Admission is $2 per person and will include a BBQ hot dog and a drink and there will be games suitable for the whole family!
  • Head to Thomas Amusements - but YOU have to get on the rides too! (Note: due to an extreme fear of even the most basic rides, I will not be doing this one ;-)
  • Go to Family Fun "Back To School" at the Fluvarium, then hike the trails in Pippy Park.
Source: Road-to-world-wide-day-of-play

All that, plus Sunday is hoppin' too: it is the day of the Rubber Duck Race, Family Fun events at the Botanical Garden, and quite a few family fun days - see the calendar for details :-)

Have a great weekend!

For details on events in & around town, check my events calendar regularly - it is on the bottom of EVERY page :-) The Tely Go Guide published in Arts & Life section every Thursday is also a good source. 

If you have something to add to the Calendar, please let me know! Complete details can be found here and I welcome being added to any "Events Distribution list" your facility might have :-)

For more information the World Wide Day of Play click here or here.

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