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Glowing Ghost

First of all - you can't tell it is a glowing ghost from this picture (waah!). My boys and I whipped this little guy up yesterday afternoon to figure out how we would make some more for Halloween Night....

Why can't we leave the glowing ghosts out now until Halloween you ask? Well, the idea is to use those "glow bracelets", and they only last about 6-8 we'll have to make the ghosts Monday afternoon and hang them on the porch!

And, another note - this is a practice version - I'll show you the end result on Halloween, but, in the meantime, I wanted you to have a heads'-up in case you'd like to try as well!

Before I proceed, here is a picture so you'll know what we are talking about:

So.... here is the idea:

  • activate 2-3 glow bracelets or one glow stick (in our test we used one glow bracelet - it didn't glow that much. So, we now plan to use 2-3 per balloon, or to get some of those bigger glow sticks before the big night instead :-)
  • blow up a white balloon
  • pop your glow sticks/bracelets inside the balloon and tie it shut
  • draw a face on balloon (we might do this "upside down" next time so that we can tie a string to the balloon knot for hanging)
  • Use white plastic bags to create a body (attach with tape to bottom of balloon and cut into "streamers")
  • hang near the door on Fright Night!
We have a couple more ideas to share with you over the next few days as well - come back to find out what the heck these pictures are all about ;-)

Have a good one!

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  1. Very cool! I can't wait to see what else you have planned! Thanks for sharing!