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So, just what were those things anyways??

Finally, I can show you what we were making in my post a few days ago: glue ghosts and some watching eyes!

Here are 2 of the ghosts - we spread glue thin on some plastic wrap, let it dry, then peeled the wrap off, added eyes and features with a permanent marker, threaded through some string, and voila - cute little window ghosts:

And, for the watching eyes - just grab a black frame, cut some black card stock to fit, and randomly glue on all sizes of googly-eyes.... the kids had fun with this one too:

Last but not least: one final Halloween idea for the year: For those of you like my folks, who don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters on the big night, and who leave a bowl of goodies on the porch for the kids to help themselves to - here is a fun printable that will add a little oomph to the whole set-up :-)
Source: Craft Gossip
Have a spooktacular day tomorrow!!!

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