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Young Rembrandts Newfoundland

I am passing along this information I received on Young Rembrandts Newfoundland .... sounds like a wonderful opportunity for young artists ;-) Check out their Facebook page for more information and pictures!


Creativity has never been limited to artists, poets and musicians.  Brilliant scientists, mathematicians, inventors and engineers are creative, innovative thinkers.  Innovation is a function of visual-spatial thinking and teaching art is a crucial means of developing visual spatial thinking in our children.   

For over 20 years, Young Rembrandts have provided our schools, parents and our students with:
·        North America’s top-ranked and most expansive art enrichment program
·        Industry’s most comprehensive curriculum, exceeding National Art Education Standards
·        A product that provides a different kind of learning – doesn’t mimic what is already happening in the art classroom

And I am proud to offer the same quality program to the children of Newfoundland and Labrador.  We have been running classes in Mount Pearl since November and the students work is posted on Young Rembrandts Newfoundland Facebook page ( and in January we will be starting an after-school program at Newtown Elementary in Mount Pearl (for students of the school) and at Cowan Heights United Church, and we are seeking new locations around the city and province to set up classes.

We offer:
Preschool drawing classes for children ages 3 ½ to 5
Elementary Drawing classes for children ages 6 – 12
Cartooning classes for children ages 6 – 12.

I was admiring your StJohnsmom blog and the range of information you have and am asking if you would you consider also including a link to our website and assist in letting people know about the program.  There is very limited opportunities in the city for children interested in Art, and  our parents and students who have been taking the classes at the Admiralty House are very happy with the program.
Thank you.

To greater success,

Sarah Hanna

Sarah Hanna
Program Director Young Rembrandts/Newfoundland
Tel:  709-699-5691

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