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7 Weeks 'Till Christmas

Gifts for the girls on your list (for gift ideas for boys, click here).

Time is flying - I can't believe it is already November! To be honest, I am starting to panic.... I will be putting a big push on shopping over the next couple of weeks to get it done with before the end of the month.

I do not have daughters, but I do have a lovely "quasi-niece" that I adore. This post is inspired by her - what I am tempted to give her this year, and what I would love to get her if she were just a bit younger (she is 10, and becoming so mature!):
  • Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Scoot & Scurry City Playset - Truth be told, my boys would probably like this as well! This play set reminds me of a race car track and is meant to be a habitat for the little Furreal Hamsters that are SO popular among boys and girls right now. The hamsters can ride around and visit different stations and even have "snacks"! For ages 4+, about $35.
  • "Liv" Fashion Dolls from Spin Master - have you seen these cute dolls? I remember loving my Barbies as a kid, but I think these are even better. They have changeable hair (wigs), easily bend and pose, have a more realistic body type than a traditional fashion doll, and wear fun, funky, more age-appropriate outfits. Some even come with little pet dogs on leashes or a horse! I honestly can not choose a favourite, and fear I may end up buying a few for myself! For ages 5-7, $13-$45
  • 3D Puppet kits like the ones available on These are simply adorable, include wooden parts, glue, felt pieces, paint, buttons, etc and instructions. I like that Inspire Imports is dedicated to providing children with toys that allow them to explore and create, and isn't that what fun is all about? For ages 4-8, about $40.
  • I think most girls will like the same video games as the boys (Mario, Toy Story, Club Penguin, etc), but here are a few other suggestions:
  • Jewelry - come on now, who doesn't love jewelry? Whether it is dress-up jewelry or "real", she is sure to love it. Friendship bracelets are big, as are silly bands. Try a charm featuring a favorite animal, her birthstone, name or characteristic. Peace symbols and 80's fashion colours are hot right now! For ideas & inspiration, click here.
  • Bling - bling isn't just limited to jewelry anymore! Consider a fancy key chain, purse or backpack clip, a cellphone case (with a charm for the phone too) if she has one. DS consoles can be personalised with "skins" to suit her personality. Get her a sequenced top - even better if her initial is on it!
Enjoy your shopping :-)

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