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Sunday Snippets

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:

  • If your kids don't like their veggies, just make a point to smile when you hand them their supper plate and while you eat your portion. According to research, when children receive food from a grinning person, they wanted it more, and it made them more receptive to foods they "hate". (Good Housekeeping, February 2012)
  • Maple syrup lovers rejoice: it has fewer calories than honey or corn syrup and is a source of magnesium and riboflavin... so indulge yourself on Pancake Tuesday, Feb 21st! (Canadian Living, March 2012)
  • My grandma always said to eat bananas whenever you were feeling off: they would help both constipation and diarrhea, and would not upset a sensitive tummy after a bout of the stomach flu. Now, British studies have shown another advantage to this miracle food: eating bananas daily helps to lessen asthma symptoms in children! All this and a healthy dose of fibre and heart-healthy potassium too. Eat up! (Redbook, January 2012)

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