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Astonishing and Strange V-Day Traditions

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This beautiful info graphic of astonishing, and strange Valentines Day traditions was sent to me by the folks over at frugaldad. It is so amazing, I just had to share!

I LOVE it - I want to put it on the wall! If you are a teacher, I think it would be really cool to do just that: print it off (somehow) on a big poster sized piece of paper, hang on the wall and then create a Valentine's trivia worksheet that encourages children to read through the lines and find the answers in the poster. It could even be one of those filler activities for children to keep busy at when their assigned work is done..just a thought ;-)

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Visit Frugaldad to see the full sized (and readable!) graphic here. 

Happy, Happy, Happy 
Valentine's Day! 

Sorry folks for only providing the link to the graphic - I had hoped to provide the entire thing here, but unfortunately, the format didn't work with the blogger settings!  Oh well! But make sure to click on it... very fun! And you'll amaze your kids with all the quirky facts at tonight's dinner table ;-)

For another fun infographic from Frugal Dad, visit their site for today's post on the meaning of flowers!

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