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Easter Count Down - Things to Fill a Basket... Besides Candy!

Well, here we are again... a few days away from Easter! I'm trying to pack a basket that is not 100% junk (candy or dollar-store-find kind).... so what to include?? Here are my ideas so far:
  • Food:
    • Trail Mix - buy in bulk and divvy up into little Easter themed baggies (you can get both at Bulk Barn)
    • Dried fruit bars (try Sun Rype Fruit to Go at Dominion)
    • Sugar-free Gum - try the new multi-flavoured kinds
    • Spring & Easter themed cookie cutters (Bulk Barn; Walmart)
    • make Rice Crispy cookies and put inside plastic eggs lined with Saran Wrap before they are set... they will take on the egg shape ;-) Or you could just cut them out with Egg shaped cookie cutters and place in a baggie...
  • Books
    • classics like Benjamin Bunny/Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter 
    • Bunnicula by James Howe for the older kids (oldie but goodie ;-)
    • anything from one of the following series: Bad Kitty; Rainbow Magic; Flat Stanley; Captain UnderPants; Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate
  • Magazines
    • Highlights
    • Chickadee; Owl; Chirp
    • Disney Jr
    • Phineas & Ferb
    • there is a wide selection available at Shoppers, Chapters and Walmart!
  • Craft supplies:
    • stickers
    • stamps
    • craft foam
    • pompoms
    • feathers
    • washable paint pens
    • googly-eyes
    • glitter glue is always a hit! 
    • Michaels has a ton of ideas and supplies... and a lot of them for $1.50!
  • Family DVD's - Walmart and Shoppers have some 2-4 pack sets for $10-$15 -$20
  • Kites (get one with their favourite character!)
  • Personalized mug (Toys R Us has several with names, get one made locally at Character Creations)
  • Playing cards with favourite animal (try dollar store/Walmart)
  • Cute facial tissues (try Chapters and the X-store)
  • Funky post-it notes (Try Chapters; Staples)
  • Bookmarks (Chapters, Walmart)
  • Travel Games - try Zellars and Walmart for Travel Uno and magnetic games
  • Mini Lego kits (there are tons of option under $15; little Lego men can be found in single packs for under $5 - Toys R Us, Walmart, Chapters 
  • Dinkies - the ones that change colour are a big hit! Or the ones from the Cars movies.
  • Action Figures: Star Wars; Marvel Heroes, Mario figures etc
  • Magnetic Poetry Kit (Chapters)
  • Trading Cards: 
    • Hockey Cards
    • Pokemon Cards
  • Gift Card:
    • $5 McDonald's gift card
    • $5 - $10 Chapters gift card
  • Novelty Toys:
    • Slinkie
    • Silly Putty
    • Play-dough
    • Yo-yo
  • Accessories:
    • Socks - buy two pairs as the trend in some schools is to wear mismatched socks... look for neon colours; fun/geometric designs or Spring themed ones
    • Hair accessories - clips; scrunchies, etc
    • Zipper pulls or cell phone charms (can be put on a bag if your kids are too young for phones ;-)
  • Plushies: 
    • Mario (~$10 at Walmart & Toys R Us)
    • Pokemon (~$10 at Walmart)
    • Webkinz (Chapters has a great display of <$10)
    • Super heroes(i.e.: Green Lantern, Spiderman; Wolverine; Superman; Iron Man - Zellars has a good selection)
  • Other Toys that are HOT:
Next step - to weed down this list ;-)



  1. This is great, I just wrote a post called "What's in your Chocolate Easter Bunny?" and linked readers to this post for some good ideas. I hope you don't mind:)

    1. I don't mind at all - thank you!
      I'll mention your post too :-)

  2. I never thought of some of these -- you've given me lots of great ideas for next year! This year, the Easter Bunny brought our kids some Easter books, some new clothes and some stuffed baby bunnies to look after. Last year, he brought some egg-shaped sidewalk chalks.

    We also do an Easter egg hunt and filled up some of those plastic eggs with some trail mix (and a few little Smarties tossed into each egg). The kids were thrilled, and they got to eat their "treats" for breakfast! (Nuts and raisins for breakfast... Mommy is OK with that! lol)