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Chores? What Chores?

I made this list today and printed it for my boys. I hung it in the washroom on the main floor - the one that gets used most often. They must do the *starred items* items daily.... and I encourage them to help out with the remaining ones as often as they can... They can both read now, so the hope is that this visual reminder will keep everything top of mind ;-)

Oh, the things you can do!
*Pick up toys*
*Put dirty clothes in hamper*
*Make lunch*
Make bed
Put clean laundry away
Wash windows/wipe sills
Empty garbage cans
Dust furniture 
Help cook
Take out the garbage
Feed pets
Help fold clothes 
Wipe bathroom sink & toilet seat
Clean hamster cage
Unload the dishwasher/Tidy dishes

.....I can dream, right? 

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