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On Motherhood


Yesterday was an absolutely blissful Mother's Day here! I got to sleep in (OK - truthfully - the peeps were gone on a sleep over - I caught up with them at lunchtime ;-), drank champagne with my mother, saw an anticipated film with my three favourite guys, visited with my mother-in-law, and squeezed in a face-to-face with one of my great friends (another fantastic mother!) before heading home to be showered by presents.... DH made a wicked lemon chicken dinner with my favourite wild rice and quinoa combo AND - get this - a DQ ice cream cake (I go weak in the knees for these but DH has "issues" with getting them because they are "too expensive" - Toad figures he must really love me ;-) ... PLUS, DH did do the dishes, despite telling me earlier he was just going to "leave it for you on Monday"!!!!

What about your day? Did you chill out at home? Get visits from the world? Do some major socializing or get to sleep in? Change dirty diapers or wipe noses? Wonderful!!! The thing I like about Mother's Day is that no matter how simple or elaborate it is, it is always special (yes, even cleaning poop and wiping snot - to be able to care for our children is a blessing in itself :-). Folks talk about all the hype and commercialism, and that is true, but what they miss is that for a Momma, that hug, that kiss, or that I love you from a child is worth more than anything else and is truly priceless. I got earrings, books, and gift cards yesterday, but my favourite gifts were the book of poems written and illustrated by Mario, and the hand print flower and book About Mom (Me!) from Toad. They were amazing! I will always treasure them. And, yes, all that stuff above was fun, but the be-all-and-end-all highlight was spending time with my boys (while silently reflecting on the miracle of their existence and just how absolutely incredibly beautiful they are ;-). And I thought how lucky I am, not just to have these two amazing boys, but also to still be blessed to still have my mother and MIL when many loose their mothers all too soon, or mourn the loss of their children.... there is so much to be grateful for!

I did have one final surprise before bed when I read a comment to my post from yesterday.... this blog was selected as the blog of the week by the NL Blog Roll! It was a lovely little treat at the end of a great day!

... and after that Sunday, my dears, I know it is going to be a truly Marvelous Week! ;-)

Happy Marvelous Monday!

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