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United Nations' International Day of Families

Today, I've had song lyrics on the brain.

"Sure, I kinda missed them, I just don't wanna kiss them....yeah"

Ummmm, why? I hear you ask, Why are you singing Tom Petty Christmas tunes - from the 90's - in May??

Well, dear People, because today is the United Nations' International Day of Families! And, let's face it, whether they are our best friends, or they drive us cRaZy, family is family, and we love them all anyways!

This years theme for the International Day of Families is "Ensuring work family balance". It is something I have struggled with - very likely we all have. The best advice I've heard on the matter is the Be-present-wherever-you-are route: if you are at work, concentrate on work, but at the end of the day, go home to your family, disconnect from the office, and really engage with your loved ones. (I know - easier said than done, isn't it? ). I thought of this recently though, at one of the children's skating lessons, when I noticed a friend of theirs skating and looking to his father in the stands. His father was lost in his Blackberry, never once looked up or checked on his son. I pointed it out to my husband and he said the gentleman was always on his phone, that he never sees him watching the kids. My heart ached for his son - what would it mean to him to look up and see his father watching him, give him a smile and a thumbs up?

That to me is what be-present-wherever-you-are means - when you are at a family dinner, immerse yourself in the dinner conversation; when you are at the park, run wild and free with your children; when you are at their events, be their biggest fan :-) Sure, emergencies come up, but if we strive for this, then we are one step closer to work/family balance!

What about you - how do you find work/family balance in your life?

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