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The Shopping Channel is Coming to St. John's!

Today, I had the pleasure and honour to chat with Norm Murray of The Shopping Channel! 

Now, if you don't watch or follow The Shopping Channel, Norm's name may be unfamiliar to you, but in my circles, it was met with ohhhs and ahhhs.... yes, my family - and in-laws - are TSC junkies! 

So, why was I talking to Norm? To find out about his 2nd Annual Great Canadian Adventure! Starting tomorrow (June 23rd) he'll be embarking on a 7 day whirlwind tour of the country, beginning right here! He'll visit 7 locations in 7 days, each to be announced at the airport prior to departure for the next venue. His purpose is three-fold: to celebrate TSC's 25th anniversary (20 of them with Norm as an on-air host, I might add), Canada's 145th anniversary, and TSC's pride in being a part of our country and culture for so long. 

It was really fun to talk to Norm - he is just as personable and easy-going on the phone as he is on air! I asked him about his children - he has a son and daughter in their teens - and what they do for fun as a family. High on their list are sporting activities - they enjoy hockey and soccer and like to play basketball in the driveway, and enjoy water sports, like swimming and canoeing. Norm also likes to provide the kids with new experiences - when they say they haven't done something, he is all for taking them to have that precious new experience :-) As such, he got himself roped into an 80-foot drop on a new ride at Canada's Wonder Land this past Father's Day.... not once, not twice, but three times ;-). 

We talked a bit about The Shopping Channel products he has around the home. Like us all, he has the Foreman Grill. And he swears by the Magic Bullet, saying he uses it every day for his protein shakes (hmmmm, maybe I need to bite the ....ahem... bullet.... (haha - see that?? I made a funny!!!) ...and get one ;-). In addition to various other kitchen gadgets (the Wolfgang Puck Rice Cooker also came up), he uses a slew of TSC skin care and hair care, and will likely have some in his suitcase. We joked about how he talks skin care with his daughter.... I bet he knows more than your average Mom, yet alone father, after all those years selling Elizabeth Grant, Skinn Cosmetics, Pure Minerals, and others ;-) 

Norm will also have a special travel partner while he is on his adventure - none other than the Roaming Gnome! If I bump into them, I'm not sure who I will want to have a picture with - the Gnome is quite famous, after all, to those of us who love The Amazing Race (I am sounding like a complete TV-aholic, with my TSC and reality show comments, aren't I?). If you are also hoping to bump into them (and maybe score some give-aways, who knows?) follow Norm on Twitter (@NormOhCanada) to find out where he is and then you can just "happen" by ;-) 

And, BONUS - Norm isn't the only one getting the chance to explore Canada: Travelocity and The Shopping Channel have teamed up to provide a Great Canadian Adventure (4 cities in 8 days)-to one lucky winner! Visit The Shopping Channel for details and to enter.

You go check that out now. And this weekend, when you bump into Norm, tell him St. John's Mom said Hi :-)


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