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Back to School 2012 - Don't Forget

Thursday night, I was reminded of one of the absolute truths of kids and school:

When the boys came home from school, I asked the usual "How was your day?" ("Fine" from one, "Terrible" from another), "Do you have any homework?" ("No", "No"), and last but not least: "Do you have any papers or forms for me to sign?" ("No", "No" ).

Ummmm....Really? ....

....Well, it is only day two of school - they wouldn't be bogged down enough to forget stuff yet....  

And so,  I didn't take their bags from them anyways and unpack the contents then and there to ask: "What's this then?" Nope, I let them go their merry little ways, play Wii, go outside, read at their leisure. I fed them and got them bathed. I put them into bed, kissed them good night and called "Lights out!".

And yet, for what reason I cannot say, when I passed their abandoned book bags in the hall, I opened them. I checked one agenda: review & sign Class Room Rights, poster, no cafeteria, band selection form, permission slip. .... In his handwriting too I might add.


I checked the other, it said, in scratchy little grade two characters: complete & return information sheet to office, no cafeteria, bring a book. 

That's right folks: You can't trust 'em -  always, always check their bookbags and agenda! 

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