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Tornado in a Jar

One of my children is studying the weather in school and came home with the simple and fun "Tornado in a Jar" idea the other day. He couldn't wait to show all of us, and I have to say, we were all quite impressed (simple things amuse simple minds, perhaps?).... Here it is:

First of all, you will need:
  • dish soap
  • Popsicle stick
  • 4 good size (~1/2 ") beads
  • water
  • empty, clean glass jar
Before you begin, put the beads inside the jar and fill it with water. 

What to do:

Put a big squirt of dish soap on the Popsicle stick ....

....and use it to stir the water in the jar very fast, around & around ....

...stir, stir, stir ....

....until the beads rise in the jar and swirl around ...

.... and keep going... faster and faster! Stir like mad I tell you!

...When all beads have risen in the jar (about 1/3 - 1/2 of the way up) ....

...and are circling about, pull the stick out quickly.... 

.....and voila!....  

 ....a tornado will appear!

Cool, huh?

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