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Simple Pleasures

My children are at that mid-late elementary stage now where they are beginning to branch out from spending the bulk of their time with Mommy and Daddy... they have a circle of friends to visit and entertain, books to read, games to play, places to go...

Now I know it is all part of growing up, and am not complaining. I am happy to see them embrace each stage of their lives. And I still get plenty of affection and tons of hugs and kisses. they talk to me and confide in me when they have issues at school or problems with friends. They strive to do well and to be kind. They are good kids. You can't ask for more.

Tonight, we had one of those sweet family nights that are really nothing out of the ordinary, and yet magnificent at the same time.... After supper, Toad climbed onto my lap and put his arm around me, giving me a big hug. His Dad came over and sat in his chair.... the cat curled up on his lap. Toad called for his brother to come and put on a movie or show.... they chose America's Funniest Videos from the PVR. Toad stayed in my arms, his arm around my shoulders for the entirety. Mario was next to us on the couch. The four of us had a grand laugh.... Mario emphasized some of the funnier videos by acting them out. Even the cat was content (she's a wee bit crooked most of the time around kids ;-)

Here's to simple pleasures.... may they never end!

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