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News Flash: Christmas is Coming!

I don't know what it is.... but all of a sudden I am {finally} excited about Christmas coming!!! I mean, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! It is a mere 40 days away.... only another 10-14 days and it won't seem too freaky if I start decorating... maybe put up one of the trees ;-)

Hmmmm, I wonder....What brought this on? (Since it is definitely not the plus-15-in-November weather :-)....

Perhaps it was the Gifts - a Holiday Fair this weekend and all the holiday goodies I saw there... or the Christmas magazines I saw at Shopper's last night (can't wait to get my hands on the Canadian Living and Better Homes & Gardens December issues!!!).... or that I discovered, via St. John's Kid, that Torbay has their Santa parade at night.... I'll be updating it in the calendar, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek of their poster:

Now, of course, with my realization that Christmas will, in fact, be on schedule, I have also become aware of just how much there is to do!!! Must. Go. Shopping. 

....And on that note, I'm off :-)

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