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Aim ... or Lack Thereof

Do you have boys? 


Oh, you lucky little so-&-so!


Not that I don't adore my children - I do.... it's just, my god! The mess in the bathroom!

I could handle the towels on the floor... perhaps. Or the toothpaste on the edge of the sink and vanity. Or the toothbrushes halfway down the drain, bristles first. Or the constant film of soap on the counter....

Yes, perhaps I could handle ALL these things if I DIDN'T have to deal with PEE. ON. THE. SEAT. 

Always, constantly... 2 minutes - I swear - after I have cleaned the seat and the bowl and the frikkin' floor for the umpteenth time that day... 2 minutes later it is messy again! 

And not just messy - it is covered. The supposedly white seats are splattered in yellow..... 

Does no one see this????? 

Apparently not, since my screams of who peed on the seat? are always met with there's pee on the seat? Oh, I didn't see that...

And it is not like I don't try, People, to get them trained to aim, or lift the seat, or wipe it up... or WHATEVER! Nothing has worked. 

So yes, despite their cute little faces, their adorable bedheads, their toothless grins, their laughter, their jokes, their hugs, their infectious energy.... ARE lucky........oh never mind, I don't care. They are just TOO cute! 

... But, they can stay the heck outta MY bathroom!


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