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Welcome the Year of The Snake!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar for 2013 and as such, we bid farewell to the year of the Dragon and usher in the year of the Snake.... the water snake in fact!

You see, in addition to there being the twelve "common" Chinese zodiac signs (the animals we all know, based on the year of your birth), there are other significant factors that impact individuals and society in general. Namely, each lunar year is also shaped by one of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) and the cycle that the animal falls under. Snake is the first animal in the Fire cycle, however, this year - 2013/4711- is under the influence of water!

What the heck does that mean for 2013?? 

Well, folks, it really is hard to say....we all know that water suppresses fire, so the wisdom influence of water should subdue the aggressiveness of the fire element this year....right???


Or, will it be that the fear influence of water will suppress the delight derived from the fire??

Only time will tell! However, it is worth noting that Feng Shui astrologers are predicting a turbulent year, financially and/or culturally. Signs point to poor markets in the second half of the year, and historically, the year of the Snake has been linked to events such as 9/11, Tienanmen Square and Pearl Harbour.... yikes! On the plus side....the end of the Korean War, e = mc2, the first manned rocket plane flight, first working, programmable, fully automatic computer; the discovery of the structure of DNA,  and the beginning of the Internet all occurred in a snake year!

My prediction - it is a very good year for your child's Science Project ;-)

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