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March is Nutrition Month

Hello People!

Did you know March is Nutrition Month? It is a great opportunity to not only take stock of our own nutrition and eating habits, but also to encourage and teach our children all about eating healthy. Here are some books and ideas to consider:
  • Take in a cooking class! - Dominion has classes for both adults and children, year round!. This Friday, there is one for ages 3-5 called "The Mighty Carrot" and there is one later this month on Pizza! Try the "What's For Dinner" series to make mealtimes easier....You can find them all here.
  • Research recipes that incorporate your child's favourite fruit and veggies online and then make the top picks together. 
  • Encourage the kids to help cook. Get them their own cookbook even (click here for titles)!
  • One day a week, ensure everyone checks off the minimum amount of fruit, veggies, grains and proteins on the food pyramid - even one day/week of being diligent will heighten awareness and teach kids the basics. 
  • Have a theme night once or twice a week that encourages healthy eating: Meatless Mondays or Turkey Tuesdays. Have a Thrifty Thursday and challenge yourself to eat healthy on a dime ;-)
  • Watch the New Looney Tunes episode " Bobcats on Three!" online - Bugs takes a liking to Porky's cooking and goes overboard on junky food. It can jump start a discussion on making good decisions and not having too much of a good thing!
  • Download the e-book "Grover's Guide to Good Eating"  - At the Good Eats Cafe, Grover provides a slew of hints about healthy eating. 
  • Like these Facebook pages for inspiration: Just Eat Real FoodSchool Bites
  • Drop by the library or bookstore and pick up a few of these titles:



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