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What To Do This Weekend - Oh! the Things You Can Do!

I gotta say - hard to believe it is March already!!! This winter is just flying by for me... it feels like it will be Easter in no time, and summer is always just a hop, skip and a jump away after that!

Now, when you first glance the calendar for this weekend, it may seem as though there isn't quite as much on as there had been in February.... and that is true given that all those winter festivals have now ended.

But, don't despair! It is one of the most fabulous, fun, celebratory days in the year for Mamas this Saturday!

Why? you ask...

Surely, with... nice little hint, you have not forgotten it is Dr. Suess' Birthday on March 2nd? :-)

That's right, folks! Time to break out The Lorax or The Cat & The Hat on DVD...heck, even The Grinch if that's your favourite! Wear some Red & White with just a dash of Blue, a la Thing 1 and Thing 2 ;-) Maybe even check out my previous ideas here...


....Wanna do something really fun?

OK, here's a plan: Find your elf on the shelf, give him or her some new clothes, hair or a mustache and hide him in a closet. First kid who finds your "Woset in the Closet" wins!

"Wins what", you say?... well, nothin' fancy... how about a chance to choose supper or the evening's entertainment, or, maybe s/he's the "cat" for the day and the rest of the family abides by their fanciful, fun wishes for the remainder of the afternoon ;-)

Whatever you do - have fun with the kids, in the spirit of Suess ;-). 

Here's a taste of activities around town this weekend that will add to your family time:
  • Saturday, visit the Fluvarium and join in on the Kids' Club. this month's theme is Wake -Up... discover how and when animals emerge from their winter habitats. For something a bit more physical, head down to Clovelly for free pony rides!
  • Sunday... get this: Family Fun at the Rooms is Be an Archaeologist! Am I the only one going cfreakingg out right now?? Sounds like the coolest yet! While you are there, visit the giant squid - if you lay on the carpet next to him, how do you measure up? We did this last time and discovered my boy, at 8, is only the size of its head - yikes!

Last but not least -  the short &sweet list for the weekend and week ahead - details as always in the calendar (don't forget to click on the event name to get full details!)

Have a great one!

Fri Mar 1
  • Active Start program at the NL Sports Plex (Crosbie Rd) 
Sat Mar 2
  • Dr. Seuss Birthday (UPDATE: Just found this link of ideas! Even more fun!)
  • Physical Literacy Experience (Formerly Children's Movement Program) 
  • Meet with a Registered Dietitian
  • Free Pony rides this Saturday
  • Fluvarium Kids Club - Wake Up 
Sun Mar 3
  • St. John's Kid Hava Java Playdates - Hava Java  
  • CLB Sunday Market - CLB Armoury, Harvey Road 
  • Fluvarium Kids Club - Wake Up 
  • Family Fun at the Rooms - Be an Archaeologist 
  • Clovelly Stables Rides by appt 
  • Flea market @ Jack Byrne Arena 
Tue Mar 5
  • Family and Child Care Connections drop-in playgroups - Family Childcare Connections 50 Pippy place, St. Johns 
  • Active Start program at the NL Sports Plex (Crosbie Rd) 
Wed Mar 6
  • Baby Steps 
  • Free Admission @ The Rooms - The Rooms 
Thu Mar 7
  • Family and Child Care Connections drop-in playgroups - FCC - 50 Pippy Place 
  • Let’s Talk Science at the Suncor Energy Fluvarium (ages 8-12) 
Fri Mar 8
  • Active Start program at the NL Sports Plex (Crosbie Rd) 

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