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What To Do When There is NOTHING To Do

I had a few inquiries this week about other things to do around town with 4-5 yr olds, given that there weren't that many activities in the calendar this weekend.... here are a couple of things I like to keep in mind for anytime we need to get out of the house:

  • Bowring Park to feed the ducks, play in the playground and visit the Caribou
  • Pippy Park for a stroll, and a quick visit into the Fluvarium
  • Signal Hill to feel the wind and look out over the city. See if we can spot anything in the water. 
  • McDonald's for a smoothie and let the kids go wild in the play area while I have a coffee
  • Chapters -I grab a magazine and a coffee head to blue carpet area to let kids play, when they are bored, I read them stories 
  • Dollar Store - I give them $2.50, they can get whatever they want but it has to be $2.50 or less taxes in!
  • And if you can't get out.... indoor fun - use paper bags and balls of bunched up tinfoil to create a Bag Toss (just open bags, place them at different distances down the hall, toss the ball in... see how far you can go); use masking tape to make a road on the floor for dinkies; make a string obstacle course in your hall, pretend they are laser beams and try to get through the strings without touching any of them (believe me, that one can take a loooooong time ;-)
Have Fun!

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