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11 Weeks 'Til Christmas!

Crafty Christmas Inspirations!

Well, today marks the 11-week mark in the countdown to Christmas! If you are planning to do any holiday crafting, it is high time to get started :-). Now, for several years, I have made my Christmas Cards... but, so far this year I haven't quite yet decided yet what the design will be for 2010 (and I have a cousin requesting I make hers as well!).  Here are some ideas that I may update (stay-tuned!).

Hmmmm... I seem to use a lot of blues (my favourite colour!); maybe I should try a different colour this year! Do you make cards? I would love to see your ideas - leave me a link in the comments!

As well this year, I am hoping to make some Christmas gifts. I like the personal touch and hope others appreciate it too. My mother-in-law admired a wrap I crocheted (like the one below, but in all white), so I am planning to do one for her in a different colour.

And her sister liked the scarf I made for MIL last year, so I am planning to do her a similar one this year:

I am REALLY excited to have found a pattern for fingerless gloves that I think a certain hard-to-shop for friend will just love: 

The last pattern is from the current issue of Crochet Today, while the others are from older issues (this fall and last Christmas). I LOVE their patterns, if you didn't realize that already ;-). You can browse/purchase their patterns at: Crochet Today

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  1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I sure appreciate your comment, and I'm glad you've linked to your blog. These cards are lovely. I can't wait to see your knitted lovelies when they're done. :)

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    Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!