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Curious George... and The Town

So, on our way back from the movie tonight (more about that later), we passed by Chapters and I noticed their sign.....for all you parents of Curious George fans out there, he will be at Chapters Saturday and Sunday from 2:30 - 4:30.

DHand I had a bit of a date night tonight. The Imps are at my parents for a sleepover, and we figured it was a prime opportunity for dinner & a movie (like ya would)! The movie we decided to see was The Town. OMG - I had read in Entertainment Weekly that is was good, and boy, were they ever right! Ben Affleck can direct! There was not one slow moment - I was utterly captivated the entire time. It was one of those films where you are rooting for the "bad guy" - who knew a crook could be so lovable? You'll see what I mean.

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