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5 Weeks 'Til Christmas!

Gifts for him!

Well, I don't know about you, but I find shopping for DH's Christmas gift pure torture! The guy never wants anything - not in a "not what I want" way but in a "oh, there's nothing I need way". Not helpful!

This year, I suggested that in addition filling each other's stocking (I can handle that!), we give each other a trip away (Europe!) for Christmas - he is game and I am happy that the trip will be planned and booked by the holidays!

But, what would some other ideas be? Here are some past ideas, plus some stuff I came across this year - that I think any decent fellow would love to get ;-)

  • Nintendo DS or DSiXL - my DH is always playing the kids'! Available practically everywhere. For online comparison visit:
  • Nintendo Wii + any Mario &/or Donkey Kong game - don't miss out any longer! Available  everywhere.
  • Power Mat - For charging up a slew of gadgets: cell phone, DS, etc. Get the attachments specific to your electronics and all you'll have to do to recharge them is lay them on the power mat once it is plugged in! We got ours at Shopper's.
  • Netbook - A mini, travel-friendly laptop, perfect for surfing on the go, or as a spare to check email/play online when the main PC is in use. This comparison will give you some ideas: We got ours at Shopper's, Staple's also has them.
Music Lover:
  • Satellite Radio &/or one year's subscription to service -a world of channels at his fingertips, commercial-free!
  • USB Turntable- allows him to burn a CD or MP3 from his old records - just hook up to a PC for direct to CD recording! We got ours at the Source. Try
  • emergency radio - my aunt gave one to DH a couple of years ago - handy for camping, or in hurricane-inflicted power outages, lol! L.L.Bean Solar/Hand-crank Radio
Household Chef:
Sports Fan:

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