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Countdown to Easter - Some New Crafty - & Yummy - Ideas

OMG - the kids are nearly off their rockers. Me too, actually ;-) All this Easter excitement - I can't imagine what they'll be like once they have chocolate in them!

Today, one final installment in the Countdown to Easter: a new 2012 round-up of some crafty and fun ideas I found online:

First up... good ol' BHG.... Isn't this pretty?

So simple - what a nice gift for grandma from the peeps! Or, as a festive seed starter for the plants you plan to put in the garden this year ;-) I think we might even dye or colour the eggs we use, then put them in the window in egg cups..... wouldn't that look mah-veh-lous? For this and more BHG inspiration, check out their online slide show of Easter Crafts for Kids

Or... how about this neat little idea from a collection Woman's Day pulled together:

Not only are these little butterflies super sweet, they are just patterned paper and pipe cleaners.... so the children will find them quick and easy to make. And, you'll be able to display them long after Easter is over - meaning your house can look all festive now and throughout the summer! BONUS! For Woman's Day's baker's dozen of ideas (including printable colouring sheets to occupy the kids while they wait for Easter dinner), click here. 

These next two ideas come from Free & Fun Easter, which you just have to visit! They have a slew of cute recipes and crafts that you will drool over..... take this bunny bait for example:

Popcorn, white chocolate, pretzels, pastel  M&M's.... yummmmmm! You'll find this recipe and more right here.

And, last but not least, who doesn't like bunnies?


Especially cute little white ones? Especially when they have lollipops? For this and other crafty ideas, visit Free & Fun Easter's crafts here

Have Fun!


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  1. OMG Love the egg shell plants, so cute!