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1 Week 'Til Christmas!

Christmas Traditions

We started the day off this morning at Glendenning Golf Course. It is quickly becoming a Holiday Tradition - this was our second year attending an annual Breakfast with Santa that they have. It is such a lovely event for their members and the community - wonderful to see the children, all so excited; beautiful decorations and trees; great pancakes and a visit with St. Nick to boot! Here are the other traditions that mark Christmas in our Family - would love to hear some of yours!
  • On Christmas Eve, we head off to my brother's in good ol' downtown. Being there, in the early part of the City, feels special to me - it heightens the sense of nostalgia that comes with the Season. He has a potluck in his Victorian-era home. I make the cookies - I have every year since I was a girl, Dad brings the Fish & Brews (he's made it for as long as I can remember), we'll help put finishing touches on the tree and open presents before heading home. Even the drive home is fun as we pass through Bowring Park and get to see all the trees lit up!
  • Christmas morning, we are at my my mother-in-laws. My husband grew up in the same household as his cousins, and they still meet up annually, mid-morning, to have a "Stocking Stumper Competition". Each one buys items for the others' stockings that when wrapped, will be hard to decipher what they are. Then they actually have a limited amount of time to guess what each item is. The person who gets the most right is the winner for that year. Its a good laugh!
  • Boxing Day, we are up to my parents house for a brunch with Dad's side of the Family. Mom will have a big spread of strata, French Toast, bacon, fruit salad and "oaties", a favourite Scottish recipe that she would make on Sunday mornings when we were growing up. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  • New Year's Eve, I have a potluck party at my place for any-and-every-one. Kids are more than welcome. Ours stay up well past midnight. Folks tend to pop in after they've been out for the NYE Buffet or Dinner. A few minutes prior to midnight we'll send the dark-haired men outside so they can First-Foot at the stroke of 12 (a tradition from my grandmother's house growing up - she lived with her sister-in-law who was a War Bride from Scotland, and a dark-haired stranger over your doorstep, especially if he had provisions for the year ahead, was considered good luck. We kind of stock it in our favour by giving the guys bread, money and a fire log before they come in though - is that cheating?). We sweep the old year out the back door as well, to start the year off fresh.
  • Then, on New Year's Day, we have dinner at my mother-in-laws. It is a big event with Aunts & Uncles & cousins from DH's family. You'd never believe how many people can fit in that house! I had never had Yorkshire Puddings before I met DH - now I am as addicted to them as the rest of his family!
Let the merriment begin!

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