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A New Magazine By & For St. John's Parents!

Have you seen the new magazine "St. John's Baby & Toddler" around town? I got my free issue at Chapter's (near The Scope, The Current and the other free publications in the Starbucks section). It is SO cool to have a local parenting magazine, right here in good ol' St. John's! Even though my children are older, I enjoyed reading the articles, especially "Healthy Winters" on pgs 8-9. According to their website (, their mission is to provide a resource for families with young children in St. John's and surrounding areas and they aim to get all of the many wonderful resources available to parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers right here at home .... in one place! Other articles in this premiere issue also include one on starting your children in music and winter fun activities. The magazine also accepts reader submissions.... check it out today!

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