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What I Found on the Internet

Some sites and shopping links I've come across recently.... be sure to check these out!
  • This site is a great one for finding nearby deals: Just enter your postal code, and how far you are willing to travel for a good price, and it will come back with bargains in your area!
  • Two great Mommy websites: (I love their ideas on organisation and fashion and the special tabs devoted to Mamas and Babies!) and (remember Erica Ehm from MuchMusic? This is her site for Moms!)
  • And, last but not least.....OMG!!! Guess who is now shipping to Canada? And with NO "duties or handling fees"? The GAP family of companies (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic)! And, you know what that means... it means we will finally have the entire selection of Gap Kids clothes, right here, literally at our fingertips. I'm not excited one bit, as you can tell. Follow this link for all the details (free shipping! free returns! clothes! etc!)... as for me, I am going online shopping ;-)

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