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August is.... A Month of NL Blogs!

Are you curious about who else in NL is blogging? And on what?  Well, instead of the usual posts this month, I decided I'd share with you some of my favourite NL blogs. The posts will be short & sweet - perfect for summer ;-) - with a link to the other site. I hope you find something you like!

First up - Fit to be Seen.... by Andrea. She has a unique way of seeing the world around us, and shares it in thoughtful images and prose. Here is her "About Me"

I was born middle aged.
I am learning to lighten up.
I have come to love the playful, childlike side of me.
A side full of life and whimsy.
I walk around with my mouth hanging open in awe most days...
Especially since falling in love with the view finder.

I believe in gratitude, creativity, love, grace, living fully, authenticity, 
appreciating beauty and old things... 

I believe we as humans should do our best to protect the Earth and it's creatures.
I have not eaten Beef or Pork for 16 years, partly for health reasons and partly because I love these animals...
(I still wear leather shoes and use leather bags...Thrifted)
I gave up poultry on New Years Day 2010 for the same reasons.
I still enjoy Seafood and Dairy but replace these with plant proteins quite often.
 I can't look a Lobster in the eye. 

I rarely buy anything new. I love vintage and antiques. 
I salvage as much as possible for the renovations of my 80 year old home. 
Luckily I am a big fan of Wabi-sabi.
I live as cheaply as possible because I do not want to work for someone else.
I love my freedom.
I love my life more and more everyday.

I love the term "long-suffering" in relation to the significant other.
I hope to use it someday.

I am currently {June 2011} in a class for women which allows us try different trades.
Perhaps for a day, perhaps a week.
 I loved welding but more for the artistic possibilities than the trade itself. There is a short night class that I may look into taking...
Of course carpentry, electrical and millwright were interesting and very useful.
I am not exactly sure where this will lead me but I know I belong in a skilled trade...
I am learning to take better photos everyday. 
Because I love it and someday hope to share them in print.
I use film often and someday will have a darkroom to develop my own.
I always use cloth napkins and place mats. 
Even if it is only me dining.
Because "Only Me" is worth the good stuff!
Just like you are...

Welcome to my space...
I hope you find something you enjoy here.

Enjoy your visit!

1 comment:

  1. Wow!
    Thank you so much!
    I feel anonymous here in Newfoundland...Seems most of my blog~buddies are Californians!
    Perhaps we should have a Newfoundland Blog Party someday...
    Hope you are enjoying the St. John's summer...