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Small Changes Challenge - 13/50

OMG! Its Friday the Thirteenth!

Haha - Did you just check your calendar? 

No, you haven't gone cracked (and neither have I ;-)... it is Week #13 in the Small Changes Challenge!

This week, I wanted to tackle my drinking problem: I don't drink enough water ;-). Once upon a time, when I worked a desk job, it wasn't an issue: I would keep a litre-sized water bottle handy and fill it up at least twice a day. However, these last few years... it's another story. You would think that, since I am home and can head to the kitchen whenever the mood strikes me, that it would be easier to get a few good glasses of water down the ol' pipes, but I usually only manage one glass (16-oz) with supper.

Now, I do eat a lot of fruit, and am not too shabby on the veg, and I do drink tea (though rarely have juice, milk or pop), so I am getting water through other means....BUT.... I believe a good dose of actual water - clean, clear, refreshing water - does a body - and the skin it's in - good. So, I challenged myself to get 3-4 glasses (16 oz) a day.

....And... it is harder than it used to be! I haven't gotten 4 glasses/day yet, though I have managed 2-3 every day. That said, they aren't always spaced out as well as I would like - the first is often closer to lunch time than morning. I'd give myself a score of 3/5.. for the effort ;-)

On the plus side: at least I am building the habit.... Maybe in a week or two, getting 4 glasses/day will be old-hat :-)

And, speaking of that... I'm going to get me a glass right now :-) Cheers!

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