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Small Changes Challenge ~ 7/50

A confession: I didn't do a d@mn thing this week. 

Nope, not one thing....

...Well, OK, I did make the bed Monday morning, and again yesterday afternoon, but I was in it pretty much every other day...I came down with a nasty infection and spent a night in Emerge. The fridge is empty - all the leftovers are gone. My house is a disaster (ever notice how when the Mama is sick, the whole thing falls to pieces? Why is that? Why does no one else get upset about the dirty dishes/floor/table/toilet?)......

I digress - as you can see, no new "challenge to self" this week. Score = 0/5 ;-(

On the plus side, I've probably read everything on the Internet in the last few days, and managed to do some catch up reading. And, I'm feeling better since yesterday evening...I actually vacuumed - upstairs and down! Hopefully I will get some order to things today and tomorrow. Next week, I'll continue with the challenges - wish me luck!

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