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Marvelous Monday - Pillow Update

Remember way back when, I was working on a pillow for my living room? I DO have it finished now....well, sorta. 

Truth be told, I am stuck. It has been sitting in my living room for weeks now, waiting for me to decide how to finish it off.... I planned to adorn it with some crocheted circles, if you recall, and now cannot decide which way I prefer them. Here's the dilemma:

To place the circles randomly like this:

Or, to place them in a row like this - in this case, I would turn them into flowers by adding a stem and perhaps a leaf to each double-layered circle:

Hmmm... what do you think? My chair is blue with a blue and green stripe through it. The blue in these circles is perfect. The cushion this is to replace also had a touch of green... so maybe the flowers could tie in with the green too....

Decisions, decisions!


  1. Hi

    Really nice job. Like the circles and the color combination.

    My personal choice would be the circles laid in a row.

    Another idea: Since I like embroidery I would have each flower have a stem. I would start at the bottom of the cushion and do a chain stitch (in green) up to each flower. Then I would put a leaf on each stem. I would do this using a larger chain stitch. This way the flowers would look like they are standing up.

    I would also put a small French knot in the center of each flower (also in green).

    Good job St, John's Mom.

  2. Beverly H17:01

    I really like the random..... flowers, nah!!! Well, maybe I'd have to see the flowers first... or maybe the flowers could be placed more randomly on the pillow! I think I'll stick to my first choice, random!

  3. Hi you may of already completed this project, however i would go for random or a graduated row down one edge, then add buttons in shades of green to the centre of the circles.