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What I Found On The Internet - All Time 100 Greatest Toys and Top Toys 2011

Oh! I am giddy this morning! Giddy with memories of Baby Alive, Weebles "who wobble but don't fall down", My Little Pony (mine was grey, pink hair and hearts on her behind), my pretty Cabbage Patch Doll - and her Cabbage Patch Cat (though, it has just occurred to me, why did the cat need a pinafore dress? Why?), and my Barbies, my dozens of Barbies (and their 3-story townhouse with exterior elevator).... oh! My toys! I loved you!!!!!

I can hear you now: What, for cryin' out loud, has she gotten into this AM? 

No, I didn't ingest anything.

I didn't even find a box of my toys!

Nope, I just came across TIME's list of All Time 100 Greatest Toys!

Yep, you read that right - THAT is ALL it took for me to go all gaga over girlie things. See! See? this is what happens when you parent two sons.... one day, you realize that despite how fun Lego's, Transformers, Bakugans, Marvel Heroes, Star Wars, etc., etc., is...... a little, little, tiny piece of you does still want to dress something and comb hair! The funny thing is I have never missed it... until right now. Right now I would love to have my Dolls around and some little girl to play with (because face it, my 6 & 8 yr old boys are not going to join in willingly)......

Mine was way prettier. Just sayin'.

.... oh, ah, yessss, hi - nope, nothing to see here, everything is fine!

Forgive my moment of nostalgia.... but I dare you not to have one your self when you check out this link: All Time 100 Greatest Toys

I promise it will be a great trip down memory lane for you (or even YOUR parents), that the children will marvel at the old toys and that they will be amazed at the "comebacks" they had thought were brand new! Plus, it might give you some ideas for birthdays and Christmas ('cause THAT sneaks up without warning!).

Besides, you haven't got anything better to do today right? Not like the kids need to eat, or need mindin', no deadlines at work, no errands to run? Didn't think so ;-)


PS - just found this one as well - the Top Toys of the 2011 toy show! Now you're all ready for birthday parties; Easter; Christmas, etc for the year ;-) 

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