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Marvelous Monday - Birthday Card & Clay Cafe Visit

I love the weekends, don't you? There is just something about them... having your favourite peeps around, time on your hands, friends & family to hang with.... {bliss}. 

This weekend, my lovely niece celebrated her 11th birthday - where did that time go?? It is unbelievable that she is only a couple of years away from being a teenager! Seeing her grow up has been amazing - she is a beautiful, kind girl with a heart of gold. She is very playful and nurturing with the boys, and they adore her....the countdown to her party has been on for weeks! 

Of course, I had to make her a birthday card - she's my girl! I used the sidestep idea (like the one I did for my DH's valentine's card here) and some cute stamps my Aunt recently gave me (imagine: deciding to give away one's stamps! Thank goodness I was standing by to catch the little beauties as they fell ;-)

When I saw the stamp of the sleeping kitty (too cute!)... then the mouse and birdhouse, I knew I wanted to combine them in a kind of "when the cat is away, the mice will play" idea. So, kitty is out front in her mailbox while the little mouse picks tulips and the bird feels comfortable enough to go search for some worms..... Unfortunately, as they were hand-me-downs, I'm not sure of the brand of the stamps. The card-stock however, is from SU, as are my ink and water colour pencils. Ms. likes bright colours, so I chose a "tempting turquoise" & "rich razzleberry" combination, and used similar colours in the pencils to tie everything together. The text stamp is also from my Aunt.... I laughed when I saw it - that is what I almost always write on the inside of cards I give (only when it is true of course ;-). In fact, I had said it to Ms. only a couple of days previously, on her actual birthday!

The party was at Clay Cafe - we all had a wonderful time. I was itching to paint one myself, but between he party and the weekend crowd there, the place was packed. The boys did a great job - once their creations come back, I will post them for you, along with some others the boys and I have made on other trips there :-)

Have a marvelous week!

*Why "marvelous"? Well, according to my research (we have to be scientific here, right, because it is the small print), "marvelous" means "to cause wonder or astonishment".....Marvelous Mondays get the week off to a good start. People, this week is going to be exciting! Fun! Wonderful! That, and it's the day I share my crafting - and I, for one, am always astonished when I see the finished product: "Woot! I actually made something!"

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