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Small Changes Challenge - 9/50

The Boys are driving each other nuts!

More importantly, they're driving me nuts!

This calls for some drastic measures..... Small Changes Challenge to the rescue!

Well, maybe they aren't driving me crazy right now, but last weekend? OMG - can you say cabin fever! I decided that what we all needed was a little walk together daily.....

The plan then, was that it would be right after school - before they took off their boots, had a snack, or even glimpsed at a screen (or tried to find a neighbourhood kid who was actually home and whose mother was agreeable to letting the child out) - and that we would walk around the block we live on, or wherever our feet took us once we started....

How's it working for us? Well, let's see...
  • On Monday, the boys climbed snowbanks and jumped off them into my arms. We had a few snowball fights - I discovered I am severely lacking in the "aim" department. (I don't think I got one hit... and they were 10 feet away, barely moving -because they sorta wanted to be hit - and, I was trying!).
  • Tuesday's mild weather meant lots of splashin' in puddles -  I soaked my suede boots & their pants were unfit. The boys karate-chopped the snowbanks as we walked, and when we got home, they even decided to shovel & widen our driveway! (DH loved that)...
  • Yesterday, we had another lovely walk - it was crisp & cold, and refreshing. Like beer :-). Toad was walking ahead, I was somewhere in the middle, and for the longest time, Mario lagged behind. Every now and then, Toad would loop back to me or his brother, or Mario would run ahead to soccer kick the ball of ice I was kicking while I walked. It was like I was the intersection of a figure eight!
Yeah, we missed Wednesday..... You noticed, huh? My boots were still soaked, and the boys weren't in the mood....that's my story and I'm sticking to it. However, so far we are 3/4 and this morning we were planning today's walk at breakfast. Given that, I'm pretty confident of a 4/5!

And, I think this routine will be a keeper...even if it is 4 days a week, then that's still another 15-30 min of outdoor physical activity for us (or even more, depending on the day's detours). Plus, we'll get our vitamin D, some sunshine to lift our spirits, AND we'll be spending time with one another, playing together and perhaps be giving in to spontaneous whims! Woot!

I'm loving it... another great week ;-)

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