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What To Do This Weekend - Snuggle a Puppy & Snowshoe After Dark

Well, I don't know who is more excited today - me or the boys. They have a sleep-over planned with the grandparents on the weekend - meaning they are nearly off their rockers with the thoughts of being spoiled rotten, eating whatever they want & building stuff. But.... Date Night for me! Woot! (Envision crazy lady dancing a jig whilst clapping here). 

Bully for you.... what are the rest of us gonna do this weekend?

Never fear! I wouldn't leave ya hangin'! There's lots on in the City of St. John's. (Read that last bit with emphasis - See how easy it is to entertain me - rhymes are all it takes!)

Sheesh! What is she on this morning?

I digress - I will be sensible now.... here are some things to check out :-)
  • Saturday afternoon (1-4) is Pet Adoption Day at the Shriners Club. Come visit the animals or better yet, adopt your next pet! Who can resist a sweet little kitty or puppy looking for their next home :-)
  • The weather on Saturday appears to be half decent - no rain or flurries predicted.... why not try an after-dark snowshoe walk at Pippy Park with your kids? They will LOVE the sense of adventure! The Park keeps the trail lights lit after-hours, but you will need your own equipment (snowshoes, skis, etc.) as rentals are not available after-hours. 
  • Sunday's weather right now is looking like showers, but that just means it is an opportunity for you & the Fam to go skating at Mile One! Or, how about taking in Family Fun at the Rooms? The theme is Arts & Crafts and children will learn how traditionally, crafts were made out of necessity and using "leftovers" and they'll get to create some of their own. Yep. Being green isn't new  - we're just recycling the idea of recycling ;-)
  • Speaking of green, St. Patrick's Day is around the corner - have the kids put on a "Green Fashion Show" to pick out what they'll wear to school on Thursday or bake some a cake or brownies and decorate with green icing and chocolate coins...
  • Last but not least: Clocks Spring Ahead one hour Saturday night.... don't think of it as losing an hour's sleep.... think of it as staying up way past your bedtime ;-)
Have a good one :-)

For details on events in & around town, check my calendar regularly! It is on the bottom of every page, or click Events Calendar in the navigation bar :-) The Tely Go Guide is also a good source. 

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