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What To Do This Weekend - Get Out There!

Well folks, I think we have to accept that there is still a fair bit of snow out there, and just go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts! This may be one of the last weekends of the winter where snowshoeing or sledding are even a possibility, after all! So get out there and enjoy :-) 

Looking for a new outdoor haunt? Here are some ideas:
  • Bannerman Park - enjoy a winter walk through the park, then head down to the harbour front for a fun, relaxing afternoon in the City :-)
  • Victoria Park - so much fun to go sledding in!
  • Bowring Park - sledding, snowshoeing, the playground - everything at your fingertips. Bring Duck feed and be prepared to get swarmed :-)
  • East Coast Trail - find a portion online that appeals to you and ski or snowshoe it!
  • Signal Hill - Look out over the ocean, visit Cabot Tower, and then slide down :-)
  • Pippy Park - go at dusk for a night-time walk on the trails!
  • Your neighbourhood soccer field - build a snowman, or build snow forts and have a huge snowball fight!
If I can't convince you to get out and enjoy the last few hours of winter (wishful thinking?), then perhaps you can be convinced to visit Kid's Tree Early Learning & Music Centre's Open House on Saturday from 10-2 (see calendar for details), or take in Family Fun at the Rooms (Sun. 2-4) - this week's theme is Jolly Jellyfish, where children can make creatures from household items and take a Movie Monster Quiz!

Have a good one!

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