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An Anniversary Thank You (OR: What Blogging has Given Me)


I can't think of another thing to say: Holy Cow! I have been blogging for a year now!! 

That's right folks - it all started one year ago today. What the heck was I thinking?!??

What the heck are you all thinking? How the heck did we manage to get upwards of 30,000 visits already?? Like, doesn't that seem a tad bit...excessive to you people? Or am I just THAT hot ;-)

Seriously, though.... I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started typing that day. Wasn't sure what would come out of it, if anybody would read it. I had been following some card-crafting blogs, and a couple of other ones, and I guess part of me was interested in trying it out myself.... sharing my crafts, my reading, my feeble (very, very feeble) attempts in the kitchen.... Then, looking for what to do on the weekend, I started posting my findings.... and I think we all know what that morphed in to, given the number of hits SJM gets on Thursdays!

It has been a great experience for me - and a fun and rewarding one! I got a kick out of being featured on Craft Gossip, Lovely Crafty Home and mentioned in the Canadian Parents Daily posts, but, I think I get the most pleasure from the personal emails....

....Yes, isn't that CrAzY - I have gotten emails from other NL'ers and mothers praising SJM and saying how they find it useful! There is just something about knowing you helped someone else out, even in a small way! Corny but true :-).....

...In a similar vein, when I write a post on an issue that is important to me, and it gets a lot of hits, or I see it getting shared on Facebook - for example, the post I did on mental health- it is humbling to realize that it resonates with others, and hopefully raises awareness.... (and I repeat): even in a small way :-)

And, blogging has taught me a few things over the last 365 days... to name a few:
  • It is OK to take risks - sometimes they work out (like actually having followers to my blog and its Facebook page!) and sometimes they don't (remember my "Small Changes Challenge"? Oh well).... but either way, it's all good ;-)
  • There are a lot of bloggers in NL. Click here or see the "Parenting in NL" sidebar for some of my favourites. 
  • Sharing is FUN! Even with strangers!
  • Blogging gives you something to do at 2AM when you can't sleep. And it makes you feel productive too ;-)
  • It really is a small world.... and motherhood and crafting are global :-)
  • It soothes the soul - it really IS journaling, after all (we've all read about how that can help one stay sane, right?), and even I am at a keyboard more often than I have pen and paper at the ready these days ;-)
So, my lovely, lovely, dear, DEAR Readers..... thank you! Thank you for allowing me into your day, and for all you give to me in doing so :-)

And here's to the next 12 months.... and beyond ;-)


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  1. Anonymous19:47

    AWESOME!!! Congrats on a first year filled with great and informative posts!

    Keep doing what you are doing!