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Small Changes Challenge - 14/50

Last weekend was simply glorious, wasn't it? So beautiful, and warm! A real promise of Spring! I was at the Park with my boys, and got it in my head that it was time to start walking outside regularly: a Small Changes Challenge! (Always thinking, see?:-)

So, Monday morning, I dutifully, and delightfully, took a 3 Km walk around my neighbourhood. The air was cool and crisp at first, but I quickly warmed up in the sun. I had a lovely walk - I was invigorated! This will be fantastic!, I thought, Easy-Peasy! Beautiful, beautiful Spring, here I am. I will walk every day! I'll add a 1/2 Km every day & be at 5 Km by the end of the week. Life is grand!

.... ummmmm, Rewind...

Yeah, that didn't last. Not on Tuesday anyways.... Rain! Wind! They were even threatening to forecast SNOW!

Then, Wednesday, well, heck, yeah, I walked - it was gorgeous out! And, 3.5 Km too - this would work after all!!!

Thursday - Toad has been home sick this week, and by the time DH arrived home, it was raining. I do NOT like Rain. Anything but Rain. The only thing worse than rain is Cold Rain. But tell myself it will be OK -  it will be sunny again tomorrow, at least for a bit....

And today....same deal as yesterday: I have a boy home sick and well, we live in Newfoundland - the weather gods be fickle here! At least I match the weather in temperament ;-) I will walk this evening if it is clear but since they are again forecasting a snow/rain mix, I probably will not.... making my score this week a  measly 2/5 (pathetic, yes).

And one final thought: if I complain my children are fickle, you now know where they get it ;-)

Have a good weekend!


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