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Small Changes Challenge - 15/50

For my Small Changes Challenge this week, I wanted to go back to something a little simpler - a true "small change".

I've been struggling with my desire to nibble on crunchy sweet treats throughout the day: I have a nasty habit of craving - and eating - nuts. This is fine, and quite healthy, if you have the willpower to limit yourself to a serving (i.e.: 23 almonds) throughout the day. I do not. I have even tried to measure out one serving of almonds and keep the rest of the bag well out of sight (in an inconvenient-to-grab-while-passing-through-the-kitchen-location).... but the almonds are usually gone by mid-morning, lunchtime at best, and then ..... well, I know I have more.....

In the evenings (if not before), this crunchy-sweet obsession usually translates to chocolate - i.e.: chocolate covered almonds or a "sweet & salty" bar (with nuts of course - I think you get the idea ;-).

All this to say that this week's challenge was truly small - eat baby carrots when the munchies strike - but took an IMMENSE amount of will power!

It didn't require going out in the wind and rain though ;-)

How did I do? Well, I did have to remind myself frequently that eating too much fat/sweets would catch up with me in a bad way eventually, and to go for the carrots instead. I even wrote notes to myself and left them on the fridge and the range (because I often decide to have a little munch while waiting for the kettle to boil).

I didn't want to deprive myself completely (I figure that wouldn't be healthy either), so, after a full day of "following through" I would let myself have a treat (a truffle, a bite-size cookies & cream bar, a dozen almonds) in the evening about an hour before bed (less time to get off track if it triggered cravings!!).

I did do it though, (Perhaps too well, she says, one 2-lb bag of carrots later, I hope I don't turn orange.)... 

I digress: I did eat the carrots, every single day, a very good 5/5! My challenge next week of course will be to keep this up with all that Easter chocolate around :-)

Now, I know what you're thinking: substituting carrots for chocolate??? The girl is really on the Easter theme this week ;-)

Happy Good Friday and Easter!!!!

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