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Small Changes Challenge - 16/50

Easter Week... well, what, for the love of heck, was I to challenge myself with this week? Something that would be a challenge, but not automatically destined to fail with all the chocolate around, the kids home, the family gatherings?

Does even considering that mean this whole thing is rigged? Perhaps, but let's say no. Goals must be attainable after all :-)

Well, the only thing I thought I could possibly stand a chance at this week was "mindful eating"....

Mindful eating?? What the....

Now, now, no need for expletives....

Mindful eating - as in: eating more slowly, savouring the taste, feel and smell of the food. Recent studies indicate that when we eat like this, we take in 67% less calories per meal and feel more satisfied than when we woof down our food. I heard this on Dr. Oz a while back and was not convinced. But, everywhere I turn lately - CTV, magazines, ivillage, etc. - I keep hearing the same thing. So, I thought I would give it a try.

And, guess what? I managed to get by on just 2-3 small pieces of chocolate most days, which believe me, is way, way, WAY less than my usual in the days after the bunny comes! I would most often choose either a creamy (Lindor) egg, or a peanut butter one and just let it melt completely away in my mouth. And, a few times I picked out the biggest chocolate covered almond or Brazil nut I could find, just for that extra crunch. Yummy.

So, despite my initial skepticism, I think this worked! I'd give myself a 5/5, since I was consistent in the savouring (oh, yeah, that was hard, lol)! And, given that it resulted in fewer treats overall, I'd say it is definitely one to keep on the roster :-).

Have a great weekend!

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