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Tasty Tuesday - Fun Easter Food Ideas

So, people, for obvious reasons, how about we go for an Easter Theme this week? Deal? Deal.

Now, I am not one to give you a great recipe for a fabulous ham, or the most amazing turkey for your Sunday Dinner, but, I am pretty good (pat on the back) at finding some links to fun-fun!-FUN! Easter treats :-)

Here are some ideas the kids will drool over, courtesy of the beauty of the Internet :-)

Taste of Home is brilliant - BRILLIANT, I say! - whip up these bunny rolls following their simple directions. Of course, you could use just about any roll recipe, and turn the dough into bunnies like they did - I think cinnamon rolls would be A-MAZING! Just sayin'.

From: Taste of Home

This breakfast-snack-dessert combo has all the kids' favourites: a pancake-like taco shell (yes, I just said that), ice-cream, jelly beans, chocolate and your own choosing of whatever other Easter treats you'd like to get rid of.... errrrr, cook up:
Ohhhh, you were looking for something not quite so... out there. Got it. Here's a cute Easter twist on a rice crispie cookie:


Or, visit the Food Network to turn just about any cake recipe (or a store-bought pound cake) into a fun, jelly-bean covered carrot:
From: Food Network

I have to say, I noticed, in my hunt, that when it come to Easter, cupcake manipulations abound (especially on the Food Network, I might add). Here are my faves:

Chick and Egg Cupcake
From: Food Network
Little Lamb Cupcake
From: Food Network
Bunny Face Cupcakes:
From: Food Network
Oh, you're not really into cake decorating per say? Sorry, I forgot...

Here's one for you then: this recipe is uber simple, and the bunny is made from paper (I admit, this one is my kind of recipe ;-). All ya gotta do is follow the directions for the bunny holder on amazingmoms, then pop a cupcake right inside:

No time for even minimal baking? No worries! Just fill these bunny boxes with any Easter treats on hand:

From: Pams party and practical tips

And last, but not least, I think this is going to be THE ONE for my Peeps: all four of us have a weakness for PB, and just go to heaven when it is combined with chocolate! Remember those peanut-butter mice cookies you can get at the bakeries around the Bay? Well, imagine - Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (WOOT!!):

From: Taste of Home
Are you drooling? I am! Too much information, I know....

Now, I know I said I didn't have any Easter Dinner recipes for you, but, seriously, it would pain me to see you hanging, so, here are two handy links to a great stash of all kinds of Easter Recipes:

  • Taste of Home - well organized; scroll down for different categories to choose from (Appetizers, Entrees, Main, Desserts, Breakfast, etc!)
  • Food Network - almost 60 recipes - everything from a light brunch to a decadent Easter Ham! The Asparagus Bruschetta looks amazing:-)

Who's got your back? Say it with me.... St. John's Mom ;-)

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