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Marvelous Monday - Watering Can

I thought I would start off the month of May with this Marvelous Watering Can that Toad made for my mother. She is an avid gardener, he was home sick (but on the mend) and lo-and-behold, we had a empty Fruitopia container! The perfect recipe for a watering can!

Of course, this is just about the easiest thing you can set up for your child to make: detergent/juice jug - check; permanent marker - check; scissors - optional ;-). Clean out the jug, give them the marker, let their imaginations go wild (Toad's watering can is a pig, in case you couldn't tell .... see the little triangle ears on top, the handle is the nose, and he drew pig feet on the sides, and a curly tail on the back. Too cute. He also wrote a message to my mom on the side - just cause he is sweet like that ;-)

Here are the little piggie feet on the side:

We also put a hole in the top, but I don't think it is really necessary in retrospect.... you can always just fill from the original jug opening that you will use to pour from, after all!

Here's to another Marvelous Month of May!!!! Bring on the sunshine & flowers!

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