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Marvelous Monday - YOUR Stuff

Over the next week or so, I'll be sharing ideas, tips and recipes from you guys! Thank you to all the readers who sent me emails - it was fun to read them and oh-so-exciting! Here are a couple of random-ish tips to get us started:

An anonymous reader left this tip in response to the green tea post - I tried it, and it DOES improve the taste: The trick with green tea is to not use boiling water- the water should be around 82 degrees so as not to "burn" the leaves which makes it taste bitter. It's a little trick I learned from my green tea drinking, Japanese friend. I boil the kettle and then let it sit a few minutes before making my tea. 

And Jaime left this quick tip on my Facebook page: To kill an afternoon while the baby was napping, she and her 4 1/2 yr old got out his paints, and painted his train table tracks. Thomas and friends now have a rainbow train track to travel on, and her little guy loves it! I think this is a wonderful idea - kids love to paint and colour :-)

Thank you to both of you for sharing! Tomorrow, I have an awesome recipe to share :-)

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